Laura De Loach

Laura De Loach is a contemporary artist who has a deep love for bright colors and just the right amount of chaos, which shines through in her artwork. The excitement and vibrancy in her work is a direct reflection of her personality. Her whimsical and not-so-serious style is easy to notice but take a closer look and you will find structure and balance amongst all her pieces.

Laura was born and raised in a small town outside of New Orleans, Louisiana. She credits her hometown and upbringing for sparking her love of art, noting the rich history and culture of artistry, live music, food, and community that New Orleans is known for.

After college, Laura had her sights set on creating a life for herself outside of the town she grew up in. For the past six years, she has settled in Denver, Colorado, and enjoys the city’s collective passion for art, music, and supporting local businesses. For many years, she decided to take the “traditional” path, settling into a corporate job, and within a few years realized she was missing a huge part of what makes her feel most herself – her creativity.

In 2023, she decided to quit her corporate job and pursue her biggest passion as a career, which was the spark that set her world on fire. With unwavering support from her family and friends, Laura launched La Nola Studio and hasn’t looked back.

She is currently working mainly in acrylics, adding the finer details through a variety of acrylic paint pens. You will note both abstract and portrait work in her portfolio (she strongly believes in not boxing herself in artistically). Laura hopes to continue building her mural portfolio, along with other commissions, which keep her inspired.

For questions or commissions, please email